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Traveling With Your Cat or Dog

Aug 7, 2015 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Care, Pet Safety, Pet Tips

The summer months are a time for spending with family, going on vacations, trips to the cottage, and day trips to the beach.We know that your pets are an essential part of your family, and you want to include them in as many family moments as you can!

Follow these tips next time you need to travel with your pet!



Travelling can be stressful for your pet. Talk to your vet about motion sickness and travel anxiety medications, and if they recommend them, take advantage of them. No one wants their pet to be ill on a family trip, and it’s important to keep them as comfortable as possible. You can use most of these medications daily.



Summer in southern Ontario is hot, there’s no doubt about that. Make sure your pet has adequate access to fresh air. And try not to let your dog stick their heads out the window. It can actually be bad for their eyes by drying them out, not to mention the danger of hitting passing or flying objects. If your dog is travelling in a crate, make sure they have enough air flow to keep them cool.



You might be used to having your dog just jump into the car, but we recommend always having your pet secured in your vehicle. Whether you put them on a leash, in a crate or in a travel seat (for small dogs and cats), this will protect them from hurting themselves if you brake suddenly. You wouldn’t dream about travelling with your kids without their seatbelts on, so think about your pets the same way.



You pack suitcases and backpacks for you and your kids, so why not do the same for your pet? You’ll need travel papers if crossing international borders, but more everyday items include food, bowl, leash, scoop for waste, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medications, first-aid kit, and your pet’s favourite toys.

Following these tips will guarantee that your whole family will have a safe and happy summer vacation!