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There’s plenty to share and learn when it comes to our pets. Our blogs are meant to both educate & entertain.

World Vets Trip – 2024

World Vets Trip – 2024

  At Close Veterinary Clinic we are planning a volunteer trip through World Vets with the goal of traveling in Winter of 2024. In order for us to reach our fundraising goal we need all the help we can get! What is World Vets? World Vets is an international...

How Hot is too Hot?

How Hot is too Hot?

Heat stroke and thermal injuries are a common concern for dog owners in the warm summer months. Unlike humans, dogs do not have the ability to “sweat” to relieve heat through their skin. Instead, they release heat in the form of panting and can also relieve heat...

Fear Free Nail Trims at Home!

Fear Free Nail Trims at Home!

Trimming your pets nails on a continual basis is an important part of their health care and wellness. There are a few reasons nail trims should be completed routinely. Keeping the nails as short as possible will not only increase the comfort of your pet, but it will...

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