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There’s plenty to share and learn when it comes to our pets. Our blogs are meant to both educate & entertain.

Canine Vaccines

Canine Vaccines

A vaccine is a medical product that stimulates an animal's immune system to produce antibodies (also known as immunity) to a specific disease, protecting the animal from that disease or lessening it’s severity if he/she were to ever be exposed to it during their...

Risks Surrounding Feeding Raw Food Diets

Risks Surrounding Feeding Raw Food Diets

Unregulated The raw pet food industry is unregulated. This means that basically anyone can start their own raw pet food company without any background knowledge in pet nutrition requirements or food safety. Also, feeding trials have not performed resulting in a lack...

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

What is Hyperthyroidism? Hyperthyroidism is characterized by the overproduction of thyroid hormone and a subsequent increase in metabolic rate. This disease is common in older cats. Although the thyroid gland enlarges in hyperthyroidism, it is usually a benign or...

Blood Glucose Curve

Blood Glucose Curve

What is a blood glucose curve? A blood glucose curve involves regular measurements of blood glucose throughout the period of one day to monitor glucose trends prior to and following insulin administration. The curve will indicate the patient’s peak blood glucose...

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