X-Ray Services from Close Vet Clinic Veterinary Hospital in Kitchener

X-ray services from Close Vet Clinic veterinary hospital in KitchenerWhen it comes to treating your pet, it’s not always possible to determine the source of their pain or ailment with an examination. And because they can’t communicate with us, it can sometimes be difficult to get a diagnosis without the help of technology.

At Close Vet Clinic, a veterinary hospital in Kitchener, we use the best in radiological and ultrasonographic technology. By using x-rays and ultrasounds, we’re able to diagnose a wide range of illnesses in your small animal, cat, dog or other pet, including:

  • Bone and muscle disorders
  • Problems in the teeth, jaw or temporomandibular joint
  • Heart-related disorders
  • Problems with the digestive system
  • Reproductive issues
  • Urinary problems

All of our radiographs are taken by our veterinary technicians at our veterinary hospital. Pets requiring an ultrasound will do so under the care of an ultrasonographer brought into the clinic.

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