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Blood Glucose Curve

Jun 26, 2020 | Cats, Disease and Symptoms, Dogs, Pet Care, Pet Tips

What is a blood glucose curve?

A blood glucose curve involves regular measurements of blood glucose throughout the period of one day to monitor glucose trends prior to and following insulin administration. The curve will indicate the patient’s peak blood glucose level, insulin peak of action and insulin duration of action.

When is a blood glucose curve performed?

To ensure the patient’s diabetes is properly controlled, blood glucose curves are required at least every 6 months and after every dose change.

How is a blood glucose curve performed?

Ideally, blood glucose curves are performed at the clinic. The patient is dropped off in the morning along with their breakfast and insulin. The curve begins with a morning baseline glucose reading using a glucometer and a small prick to the patient’s ear vein. The patient is then given their breakfast and their insulin injection. We will continue to monitor the patient’s blood glucose level hourly throughout the day. Based on the results, the patient’s insulin dose may need to be increased or decreased. Please ask us about new “at-home” options if you feel your pet would be very stressed in clinic.