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New Years Resolutions for Your Pet

Nov 28, 2019 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Care, Pet Tips

At the end of every year, most people have a list of resolutions for the year to come. Have you ever thought about making a list for your pet? Outlined below are five resolutions for your pet you may want to consider for 2020!


Weight Management

  • Increase the intensity and duration of their daily walks
  • Initiate daily play with their favourite toy or purchase a new toy
  • Move their food bowl upstairs or downstairs so they have to walk to get their food
  • Try a feeding bowl or toy so they will have to work to get their food
  • Reduce their calorie intake
    • Try a weight loss diet. Call/email us anytime to discuss the most appropriate option for your pet.
    • Try timed, rationed meals rather than free feeding
    • Minimize the amount of treats they get (should be <10% of daily intake)
    • Try feeding vegetables/fruits or liver treats instead of high calorie alternatives

Dental Care

  • Attempt daily brushing with a pet safe toothpaste
  • Try a dental diet such as Hills t/d or Royal Canin Dental
  • Book that much needed dental procedure
  • Call/email us to schedule a FREE dental exam

Training/Social Engagement

  • Schedule play dates with other dogs
  • Bring them to the dog park regularly
  • Sign them up for training/agility courses

Regular Grooming

  • Schedule regular grooming appointments (bath with or without haircut)
  • Schedule regular nail trims
    • Regular trims will make your pet more comfortable with the nail trimming process. Remember to reward good behaviour with praise or treats!
    • Prevent nails from growing into the paw pads

Veterinary Care

  • Your pet should come in for annual exams even if you do not have them vaccinated
    • Regular exams will help catch potential health issues before they become a serious problem