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Healthiest Human Food For Dogs

Feb 10, 2017 | Dogs, Pet Care, Pet Safety

Every pet owner knows the temptation of feeding your dog human food. Sharing our food with our pets makes us feel more connected with them, and like they’re an even bigger part of the family. But some human foods can be toxic for pets, so next time you want to treat your dog, consider some of these foods:


This tasty treat is an excellent snack for your dogs, and it is sure to last them a while. Unsalted peanut butter is best, and always check to make sure it doesn’t contain sugar substitutes like Xylitol, which is bad for dogs.


The best thing about chicken is that it can be fed to dogs in a number of ways. Whereas raw chicken and bones wouldn’t be suitable for humans, they’re perfectly fine for dogs. You can also feed your dog cooked chicken, but avoid cooked chicken bones as they harden and can splinter.


Some dogs, like humans, can be lactose intolerant, so avoid cheese if this is the case for your pup. Otherwise, cheese is a great source of calcium and protein and is easy for dogs to digest.


If you’re looking for a lower calorie treat for your canine, carrots are an excellent food choice. Carrots contain lots of fibre and vitamin A, and raw carrots are also good for your pooch’s teeth.


You might not have considered yogurt as a treat for your dog, but here’s why you should: it’s full of protein and unsweetened yogurt is low in fat. Plus, the active cultures in yogurt are great for your dog’s digestive health.


Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? Try feeding them pumpkin, which can be served either cooked fresh or from the can. Just make sure it’s free of sugar and spices (avoid pumpkin pie mix), to give your pets lots of fibre and vitamin A.

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