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How Therapy and Service Animals Help

Sep 4, 2015 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Care, Pet Tips

At Close Vet Clinic, we love animals. We believe that animals can bring joy and comfort to peoples’ lives like nothing else can. This is why we love service animals!

Therapy animals and service animals are used in many different capacities for individuals with wide-ranging needs. Whether they’re just there to cheer someone up or to be their eyes, therapy and service animals have a huge impact on peoples’ lives.



Dogs can be a great help to parents and their autistic children.Some children with autism find public settings overwhelming or have trouble connecting with their peers, and having their service dogs with them helps them cope with difficult environments. Not only do children learn how to take care of a pet and the routines that go into it, but service dogs have been shown to improve their communication, independence and socialization.



More and more, hospitals, nursing homes and universities are bringing in therapy dogs to brighten up their patients, residents and students. Therapy dogs provide comfort and companionship to them and provide a reprieve from stressful or lonely situations.



Studies have proven that dogs have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to detect cancer in urine and breath. Though it’s not 100% accurate and shouldn’t be used as the only cancer-screening method, it has proven to be very helpful with patients and medical professionals.



Probably the most familiar use for service animals, guide dogs are used all over the world to help individuals with visual impairments. They undergo extensive training from the time they’re seven weeks old.



Security dogs can be used in law enforcement, home protection, industrial security and much more. They offer homeowners, business owners and the general public peace of mind and are fully trained.

Animals can bring comfort, stability and enrichment to peoples’ lives in many ways. Thank you to all of the therapy dogs and service animals from all of us at Close Vet Clinic!