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Adopting a Shelter Cat: The Facts

Jan 3, 2015 | Cats, Pet Tips

Let’s start with some of the most common misconceptions about cats at the shelter. It’s really not their fault, they aren’t all damaged, they don’t all have temperament issues, and they aren’t any less cat because they are at a shelter. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a cat may end up without a loving home.

In some cases their owners have changed their minds about having a cat, the owners are moving and can’t take them with them, or some have developed health problems that leave them incapable of caring for a cat. Regardless of the reason, we can all agree that the cat is not at fault. A lucky cat will be taken to a shelter; an even luckier cat will be adopted into a forever home.

Getting a cat is a big decision. Fortunately, choosing to adopt from a shelter or reputable rescue group can offer you skilled expert advice and peace of mind. Here are the five top reasons to adopt a cat from a shelter or reputable rescue group:


A vet has seen all cats at the humane society and reputable rescue groups. They’ve been vaccinated, sometimes spayed or neutered and have been tested to ensure they are healthy. If there are any medical issues then you will be made aware of them before adopting. There are usually no surprises about the cat and you can trust the shelter or reputable rescue group.


You can find your best feline friend because the shelter often has a range of cats. They are all different ages, different breeds and different personalities.


By adopting from a shelter you are helping cats find homes and not supporting the growth of the feral/abandoned cat population


Cats are wonderful animals that deserve to be loved. By adopting from a shelter or reputable rescue group you are giving a cat a second chance at being happy and healthy.


Adopting from a shelter or reputable rescue group can be rewarding. The process is designed to ensure you are happy and that your new pet will fit in with you and your family.